Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Year - A New Beginning

2010 - It's a big number, and getting bigger every year funnily enough.  I finally shook off the post-festive lethargy today and got the bike out.  After a small adjustment I was quickly onboard and speeding towards the cut-off road to Loch Thom.  The roads were reasonable and I was soon turning down the B-road towards Dunrod Farm and the hills of my youth.  It was nice to be out again and testing my wind and muscles.  I'd forgotten the feeling of pushing, stretching and gasping for air but eventually I was in my stride and pushing uphill past the Shielhill Glean towards Loch Thom.

The day was quiet and traffic was almost nil, just one car coming the other way as I was getting near the loch and I only had the tinnitus in my ear for company.  That was irritating as the day was so tranquil and the scenery so still and frozen that it would have been nice to hear the quiet.  Anyway, pressing on past the loch there was only an idiot and his dog testing the ice to see how thick it was, by walking on it and seeing how far out he could go.  I felt sorry for his wife and young son watching him from beside the car, and the dog who didn't know any better, but for fuck's sake - what a tit!

All the way round the loch the road was intermittently snow-covered but no big problem.  It was just a great day to be out in the country - up there with the world to myself.  Sublime.  Pity I didn't have my camera with me.

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