Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gathering - A Lost Cause

I wasn't getting on well with reading The Gathering by Anne Enright. Somehow I've been too busy recently to do justice to it as it is a book which demands the reader's attention. I was working my way through it in a kind of haphazard fashion, with week-long gaps between reading sessions and then, with a quarter of the book to go, and just when I was really getting into it, I left the damn thing on a plane.

So I picked up The Outcast by Sadie Jones and I have finished that inside of a week. A fairly good read which did take a long time also to really engage with me. Ultimately though I don't feel it lived up to the blurbs. Richard and Judy's Book Club can go fuck itself.

At this moment I am sitting in Gothenburg Airport and Cold Light by John Harvey is on the table beside me. I don't know this author nor have I heard of his Resnick character, a morose English policeman, but I'm looking forward to finding out more. This book was first published in 1995 and references to Brian Clough as manager of Nottingham Forest (although he retired from the post in 1993) rather date it. Anyway a good story is a good story no matter what the setting.

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