Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gotenburg to Oslo - Done It - Bought The T-Shirt

We're back. Arriving at Prestwick on Friday to a heroes' welcome, the hero being my Scots-Italian buddy who, though suffering from Crohne's Disease which debilitates him sorely, overcame the odds to lead us in to Oslo on Wednesday night.

This was, I think, the greatest adventure of my life. We cycled from Gotenburg to Oslo in five days, taking one day of rest on the gorgeous island of Valon on Sweden's west coast archipeligo. I was so fortunate to have seven great guys for company and we have raised a pile of money for CHAS, children's hospice foundation which does great work with terminally ill kids and their families.

Do I feel good? You bet.

Please visit to see the work that CHAS do, and remind yourself how luck you are.

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