Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Don't You All Fuck Off!

And think for yourselves. The number of people googling "show how attributes traditionally associated with masculinity and femininity are contrasted in Pygmalion" or Medea or whatever and reaching my pathetic little blog has reached ridiculous heights. I swear if it wasn't for something what I wrote over two years ago, which was a load of old shite by the way, then I would have no hits at all.

So, stop googling and trying to blag a pass off of other buggers efforts by cutting and pasting and start doing some real research. Talking about a load of old shite, it used to be if you googled that that I was second in the hit parade. No longer, I'm glad to say. Anyway that's what I get for not heeding the advice of someone whose name escapes me; don't blog your OU efforts as it's against OU rules. So be careful out there. Now, fuck off.


never mind the bollix said...

och away man, leave the torn faces to the east coast mob. Great blog by the way. I've added you to our little 'Clydebank' oasis in cyberspace.

kat said...

Hee hee. I bet you won't appear in the bibliographies. :-)